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Angus Education

Primary Schools and Colleges

1Aberlemno Primary SchoolForfarprimary
2Airlie Primary SchoolKirriemuirprimary
3Ancrum Road Primary SchoolDundeeprimary
4Andover Primary SchoolBrechinprimary
5Arbirlot Primary SchoolArbroathprimary
6Ardler Primary SchoolDundeeprimary
7Barnhill Primary SchoolBroughty Ferryprimary
8Bervie SchoolMontroseprimary
9Birkhill Primary SchoolDundeeprimary
10Blackness Primary SchoolDundeeprimary
11Borrowfield Primary SchoolMontroseprimary
12Brackens Primary SchoolDundeeprimary
13Burnside Primary SchoolCarnoustieprimary
14Carlogie Primary SchoolCarnoustieprimary
15Carmyllie Primary SchoolArbroathprimary
16Charleston Primary SchoolDundeeprimary
17Claypotts Castle Primary SchoolDundeeprimary
18Clepington Primary SchoolDundeeprimary
19Colliston Primary SchoolArbroathprimary
20Cortachy Primary SchoolKirriemuirprimary
21Craigiebarns Primary SchoolDundeeprimary
22Dens Road Primary SchoolDundeeprimary
23Downfield Primary SchoolDundeeprimary
24Eassie Primary SchoolForfarprimary
25Eastern Primary SchoolBroughty Ferryprimary
26Edzell Primary SchoolEdzellprimary
27Ferryden Primary SchoolMontroseprimary
28Fintry Primary SchoolDundeeprimary
29Forthill Primary SchoolBroughty Ferryprimary
30Friockheim Primary SchoolArbroathprimary
31Glamis Primary SchoolForfarprimary
32Glebelands Primary SchoolDundeeprimary
33Gourdon SchoolMontroseprimary
34Gowriehill Primary SchoolDundeeprimary
35Grange Primary SchoolMonifiethprimary
36Hayshead Primary SchoolArbroathprimary
37Hillside Primary SchoolDundeeprimary
38Inverarity Primary SchoolForfarprimary
39Inverbrothock Primary SchoolArbroathprimary
40Inverkeilor Primary SchoolArbroathprimary
41Isla Primary SchoolAngusprimary
42Johnshaven SchoolMontroseprimary
43Kilry Primary SchoolAngusprimary
44Kingspark SchoolDundeeprimary
45Kinneff SchoolMontroseprimary
46Ladyloan Primary SchoolArbroathprimary
47Langlands Primary SchoolForfarprimary
48Lathallan Preparatory SchoolMontroseprimaryIndependent
49Letham Primary SchoolForfarprimary
50Lethnot Primary SchoolGlen Lethnotprimary
51Liff Primary SchoolDundeeprimary
52Lintrathen Primary SchoolKirriemuirprimary
53Lochee Primary SchoolDundeeprimary
54Lochside Primary SchoolMontroseprimary
55Longhaugh PrimaryDundeeprimary
56Macalpine Primary SchoolDundeeprimary
57Maisondieu Primary SchoolBrechinprimary
58Mattocks Primary SchoolAngusprimary
59Mill of Mains Primary SchoolDundeeprimary
60Monikie Primary SchoolMonikieprimary
61Muirfield Primary SchoolArbroathprimary
62Murroes Primary SchoolDundeeprimary
63Newbigging Primary SchoolAngusprimary
64Newfields Primary SchoolDundeeprimary
65Newtyle Primary SchoolNewtyleprimary
66Northmuir Primary SchoolKirriemuirprimary
67Our Ladys RC Primary SchoolDundeeprimaryRoman Catholic
68Park Place Primary SchoolDundeeprimary
70Rosebank Primary SchoolDundeeprimary
71Rosemount Primary SchoolMontroseprimary
72Rowantree Primary SchoolDundeeprimary
73Seaview Primary SchoolMonifiethprimary
74Sidlaw View Primary SchoolDundeeprimary
75Southesk Primary SchoolMontroseprimary
76Southmuir Primary SchoolKirriemuirprimary
78St Clements RC Primary SchoolDundeeprimaryRoman Catholic
79St Columbas RC Primary SchoolDundeeprimaryRoman Catholic
80St Cyrus SchoolMontroseprimary
81St Fergus RC Primary SchoolDundeeprimaryRoman Catholic
82St Josephs RC Primary SchoolDundeeprimaryRoman Catholic
83St Lukes and St Matthews RC Primary SchoolDundeeprimaryRoman Catholic
84St Margarets RC Primary SchoolDundeeprimaryRoman Catholic
85St Margarets RC SchoolMontroseprimaryRoman Catholic
86St Marys RC Primary SchoolDundeeprimaryRoman Catholic
87St Ninians Primary SchoolDundeeprimary
88St Peter and Paul RC SchoolDundeeprimaryRoman Catholic
89St Pius RC Primary SchoolDundeeprimaryRoman Catholic
90St Thomas RC Primary SchoolArbroathprimaryRoman Catholic
91St Vincents RC Primary SchoolDundeeprimaryRoman Catholic
92Stracathro Primary SchoolBrechinprimary
93Strathmartine Primary SchoolDundeeprimary
94Strathmore Primary SchoolForfarprimary
95Tannadice Primary SchoolForfarprimary
96Tarfside Primary SchoolBrechinprimary
97Tealing Primary SchoolDundeeprimary
98Timmergreens Primary SchoolArbroathprimary
99Warddykes Primary SchoolArbroathprimary
100Wellbrae Primary SchoolForfarprimary
101Whitehills Primary SchoolForfarprimary
102Whitfield Primary SchoolDundeeprimary
103Woodlands Primary SchoolCarnoustieprimary

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This page allows you to displays all of the Angus schools and colleges whose details are held within the School Web Index database.

You can display all the schools of a particular type by using the type selection links just above the list of schools.

If you know of a Angus school or college which is not mentioned on this page, please contact us with its details.

Also, if you know of a Angus school or college website which is not listed on this page, please contact us with its details.

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