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Schools and Colleges starting with the letter S

1St Josephs Catholic Primary SchoolBarkingprimaryRoman Catholic
2St Margarets CE Primary SchoolBarkingprimaryChurch of England
3St Anne Line Catholic Infant SchoolBasildonprimaryRoman Catholic
4St Anne Line Catholic Junior SchoolBasildonprimaryRoman Catholic
5St Anne Line Catholic Junior SchoolBasildonprimaryRoman Catholic
6St Margarets CE VA Primary SchoolBasildonprimaryChurch of England
7St Teresas Catholic Primary SchoolBasildonprimaryRoman Catholic
8SEEVIC CollegeBenfleetfe college
9South Benfleet Foundation Primary SchoolBenfleetprimary
10South Green Infant SchoolBillericayprimary
11South Green Junior SchoolBillericayprimary
12St Johns SchoolBillericaysecondary
13St Peters Catholic Primary SchoolBillericayprimaryRoman Catholic
14Sunnymede Infant SchoolBillericayprimary
15Sunnymede Junior SchoolBillericayprimary
16Sheering CE VC Primary SchoolBishops StortfordprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Controlled
17Shalford Primary SchoolBraintreeprimary
18St Francis Catholic Primary SchoolBraintreeprimaryRoman Catholic
19St Michaels CE VA Primary SchoolBraintreeprimaryChurch of England
20Stisted CE VA Primary SchoolBraintreeprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
21Sawyers Hall CollegeBrentwoodsecondary
22Shenfield High SchoolBrentwoodsecondary
23St Helens Catholic Infant SchoolBrentwoodprimaryRoman Catholic
24St Helens Catholic Junior SchoolBrentwoodprimaryRoman Catholic
25St Joseph the Worker Catholic Primary SchoolBrentwoodprimaryRoman Catholic
26St Martins SchoolBrentwoodsecondary
27St Marys CE VA Primary SchoolBrentwoodprimaryChurch of England
28St Peters CE VA Primary SchoolBrentwoodprimaryChurch of England
29St Thomas of Canterbury CE VA Infant SchoolBrentwoodprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
30St Thomas of Canterbury CE VA Junior SchoolBrentwoodprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
31St Johns CE VC Primary SchoolBuckhurst HillprimaryChurch of England
32St Marys CE VA Primary SchoolBurnham-on-CrouchprimaryChurch of England
33St Peters High SchoolBurnham-on-Crouchsecondary
34St Josephs Catholic Primary SchoolCanvey IslandprimaryRoman Catholic
35St Katherines CE Primary SchoolCanvey IslandprimaryChurch of England
36Sandon SchoolChelmsfordsecondary
37Springfield Primary SchoolChelmsfordprimary
38St Annes Preparatory SchoolChelmsfordprimaryIndependent
39St Cedds SchoolChelmsfordprimaryIndependent
40St John CE VC Primary SchoolChelmsfordprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Controlled
41St John Payne Catholic Comprehensive SchoolChelmsfordsecondaryRoman Catholic
42St Josephs Catholic Primary SchoolChelmsfordprimaryRoman Catholic
43St Marys CE VA Primary SchoolChelmsfordprimaryChurch of England
44St Marys CE VA Primary SchoolChelmsfordprimaryChurch of England
45St Peters CE and Specialist Arts CollegeChelmsfordsecondaryChurch of England
46St Peters CE VA Primary SchoolChelmsfordprimaryChurch of England
47St Philips Priory SchoolChelmsfordprimaryIndependent
48St Pius X Catholic Primary SchoolChelmsfordprimaryRoman Catholic
49Shorefields SchoolClacton-on-Seaspecial
50St Andrews CE Primary SchoolClacton-on-SeaprimaryChurch of England
51St Clares Catholic Primary SchoolClacton-on-SeaprimaryRoman Catholic
52St Osyth CE Primary SchoolClacton-on-SeaprimaryChurch of England
53Sir Charles Lucas Arts CollegeColchestersecondary
54St Andrews CE VA Primary SchoolColchesterprimaryChurch of England
55St Andrews CE VC Primary SchoolColchesterprimaryChurch of England
56St Andrews Junior SchoolColchesterprimary
57St Benedicts Catholic CollegeColchestersecondaryRoman Catholic
58St Georges CE Primary SchoolColchesterprimaryChurch of England
59St Georges Infant School and NurseryColchesterprimary
60St Georges New Town Junior SchoolColchesterprimary
61St Helena SchoolColchestersecondary
62St James CE VA Primary SchoolColchesterprimaryChurch of England
63St Johns CE VC Primary SchoolColchesterprimaryChurch of England
64St Johns Green Primary SchoolColchesterprimary
65St Lawrence CE Primary SchoolColchesterprimaryChurch of England
66St Lukes CE VC Primary SchoolColchesterprimaryChurch of England
67St Marys CE VC Primary SchoolColchesterprimaryChurch of England
68St Marys SchoolColchestersecondary
69St Michaels Primary School and NurseryColchesterprimary
70St Peters CE VC Primary SchoolColchesterprimaryChurch of England
71St Teresas Catholic Primary SchoolColchesterprimaryRoman Catholic
72St Thomas Mores Catholic Primary SchoolColchesterprimaryRoman Catholic
73Stanway Fiveways Primary SchoolColchesterprimary
74Stanway Primary SchoolColchesterprimary
75Stanway SchoolColchestersecondaryIndependent
76Stanway SchoolColchestersecondary
77Stoke by Nayland CE VC Primary SchoolColchesterprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Controlled
78Stoke-by-Nayland Middle SchoolColchestermiddle
79Stratford St Mary Primary SchoolColchesterprimary
80Southwood Primary SchoolDagenhamprimary
81St Josephs Catholic Primary SchoolDagenhamprimaryRoman Catholic
82St Peters Catholic Primary SchoolDagenhamprimaryRoman Catholic
83St Teresa Catholic Primary SchoolDagenhamprimaryRoman Catholic
84St Vincents Catholic Primary SchoolDagenhamprimaryRoman Catholic
85Sydney Russell SchoolDagenhamsecondary
86Stebbing Primary SchoolDunmowprimary
87St Andrews CE Primary SchoolEppingprimaryChurch of England
88St Johns CE VC SchoolEppingsecondaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Controlled
89St Philomenas SchoolFrinton-on-SeaprimaryIndependent
90St Michaels CE VA Junior SchoolGalleywoodprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
91St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary SchoolGraysprimaryRoman Catholic
92Stifford Clays Infant SchoolGraysprimary
93Stifford Clays Junior SchoolGraysprimary
94Stifford Primary SchoolGraysprimary
95St Andrews CE VA Primary SchoolHalsteadprimaryChurch of England
96St Andrews CE VC Primary SchoolHalsteadprimaryChurch of England
97St Giles CE Primary SchoolHalsteadprimaryChurch of England
98St John the Baptist CE VA Primary SchoolHalsteadprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
99St Margarets CE VC Primary SchoolHalsteadprimaryChurch of England
100St Margarets SchoolHalsteadprimary
101St Peters CE VC Primary SchoolHalsteadprimaryChurch of England
102Spinney Infant SchoolHarlowprimary
103Spinney Junior SchoolHarlowprimary
104St Albans Catholic Primary SchoolHarlowprimaryRoman Catholic
105St James CE VA Primary SchoolHarlowprimaryChurch of England
106St Lukes Catholic Primary SchoolHarlowprimaryRoman Catholic
107St Marks West Essex Catholic SchoolHarlowsecondaryRoman Catholic
108St Nicholas SchoolHarlowsecondary
109Stewards Science Specialist SchoolHarlowsecondary
110Spring Meadow Primary SchoolHarwichprimary
111St Josephs Catholic Primary SchoolHarwichprimaryRoman Catholic
112Sanders Draper School and Specialist Science CollegeHornchurchsecondary
113Scotts Primary SchoolHornchurchprimary
114St Albans Catholic Primary SchoolHornchurchprimaryRoman Catholic
115St Marys Catholic Primary SchoolHornchurchprimaryRoman Catholic
116Suttons Primary SchoolHornchurchprimary
117Seven Kings High SchoolIlfordsecondary
118South Park Primary SchoolIlfordprimary
119Ss Peter and Pauls Catholic Primary SchoolIlfordprimaryRoman Catholic
120St Aidans Catholic Primary SchoolIlfordprimaryRoman Catholic
121St Augustines Catholic Primary SchoolIlfordprimaryRoman Catholic
122Stock CE Primary SchoolIngatestoneprimaryChurch of England
123Saint-Pierre Preparatory SchoolLeigh-on-SeaprimaryIndependent
124St Christopher SchoolLeigh-on-SeaspecialIndependent
125St Michaels CE Preparatory SchoolLeigh-on-SeaprimaryChurch of EnglandIndependent
126St John Fisher Catholic Primary SchoolLoughtonprimaryRoman Catholic
127Staples Road Infant SchoolLoughtonprimary
128Staples Road Junior SchoolLoughtonprimary
129Tolleshunt Darcy St Nicholas CE VA Primary SchoolMaldonprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
130St Francis Catholic Primary SchoolMaldonprimaryRoman Catholic
131Shelley Primary SchoolOngarprimary
132Scargill Infant SchoolRainhamprimary
133Scargill Junior SchoolRainhamprimary
134St Nicholas CE VC Primary SchoolRayleighprimaryChurch of England
135Sweyne Park SchoolRayleighsecondary
136SBK Independent SchoolRedbridgeprimaryIndependent
137St Teresas Catholic Primary SchoolRochfordprimaryRoman Catholic
138Stambridge Primary SchoolRochfordprimary
139Squirrels Heath Infant SchoolRomfordprimary
140Squirrels Heath Junior SchoolRomfordprimary
141St Bedes Catholic Primary SchoolRomfordprimaryRoman Catholic
142St Edwards CE Comprehensive School Language College and Sixth Form CentreRomfordsecondaryChurch of England
143St Edwards CE VA Primary SchoolRomfordprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
144St Marys Hare Park SchoolRomfordprimaryIndependent
145St Patricks Catholic Primary SchoolRomfordprimaryRoman Catholic
146St Peters Catholic Primary SchoolRomfordprimaryRoman Catholic
147St Ursulas Catholic Infant SchoolRomfordprimaryRoman Catholic
148St Ursulas RC Junior SchoolRomfordprimaryRoman Catholic
149St Ursulas Roman Catholic Infant SchoolRomfordprimaryRoman Catholic
150Stapleford Abbotts Primary SchoolRomfordprimary
151Saffron Walden County High SchoolSaffron Waldensecondary
152St Marys CE VA Primary SchoolSaffron WaldenprimaryChurch of England
153St Thomas More Catholic Primary SchoolSaffron WaldenprimaryRoman Catholic
154Shaw Primary SchoolSouth Ockendonprimary
155Somers Heath Primary SchoolSouth Ockendonprimary
156Snaresbrook College Preparatory SchoolSouth WoodfordprimaryIndependent
157Southend on Sea LEASouthend on SeaLEA
158Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School and NurserySouthend-on-SeaprimaryRoman Catholic
159Shoeburyness High SchoolSouthend-on-Seasecondary
160South East Essex College of Arts and TechnologySouthend-on-Seafe college
161Southend High School for GirlsSouthend-on-Seasecondary
162Southend Pupil Referral UnitSouthend-on-Seapru
163St Georges Catholic Primary SchoolSouthend-on-SeaprimaryRoman Catholic
164St Marys Prittlewell CE Primary SchoolSouthend-on-SeaprimaryChurch of England
165St Nicholas SchoolSouthend-on-Seaspecial
166Southminster Primary SchoolSouthminsterprimary
167St Cedds CE VA Primary SchoolSouthminsterprimaryChurch of EnglandVoluntary Assisted
168St Nicholas CE VC Primary SchoolSouthminsterprimaryChurch of England
169St Cleres SchoolStanford-le-Hopesecondary
170St Josephs Catholic Primary SchoolStanford-le-HopeprimaryRoman Catholic
171Stanford-le-Hope Infant SchoolStanford-le-Hopeprimary
172Stanford-le-Hope Primary SchoolStanford-le-Hopeprimary
173St Marys CE Foundation Primary SchoolStanstedprimaryChurch of England
174St Marys Catholic Primary SchoolTilburyprimaryRoman Catholic
175Sacred Heart of Mary Girls SchoolUpminstersecondary
176St Josephs Catholic Primary SchoolUpminsterprimaryRoman Catholic
177St Josephs Convent SchoolWansteadprimary
178Southend High School for BoysWestcliff-on-Seasecondary
179St Bernards High School and Arts CollegeWestcliff-on-Seasecondary
180St Helens Catholic Primary SchoolWestcliff-on-SeaprimaryRoman Catholic
181St Hildas SchoolWestcliff-on-Seasecondary
182St Thomas More High School for BoysWestcliff-on-Seasecondary
183St Nicholas CE Primary SchoolWickfordprimaryChurch of England
184Silver End Primary SchoolWithamprimary
185Southview SchoolWithamspecial
186St Johns RC SchoolWoodford BridgespecialRoman Catholic
187St Antonys Catholic Primary SchoolWoodford GreenprimaryRoman Catholic
188St Aubyns Prep SchoolWoodford GreenprimaryIndependent

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