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This page displays all of the schools and colleges whose details are held within the School Web Index database. If you know of a school or college or their website which is not mentioned on this page, please contact us with its details. See details on how to use this system at the bottom of this page.

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countschool nametypelocationcounty/areareligionclass
1Quainton CE Combined Schoolprimary
2Quainton Hall SchoolprimaryIndependent
3Quarrendon Schoolsecondary
4Quarry Bank Primary Schoolprimary
5Quarry Hill Infant Schoolprimary
6Quarry Hill Junior Schoolprimary
7Quarry Mount Primary Schoolprimary
8Quarrydale Schoolsecondary
9Quay Primary Schoolprimary
10Quayside Education Centrepru
11Queen Alexandra College for the Blindspecial
12Queen Anne Royal Free CE VC First SchoolprimaryVoluntary Controlled
13Queen Annes SchoolsecondaryIndependent
14Queen Edith Community Primary Schoolprimary
15Queen Eleanor Primary Schoolprimary
16Queen Eleanor Primary Schoolprimary
17Queen Eleanor Primary Schoolprimary
18Queen Eleanor Technology Collegesecondary
19Queen Eleanors CE Junior Schoolprimary
20Queen Elizabeth Grammar Junior SchoolprimaryIndependent
21Queen Elizabeth Grammar SchoolsecondaryIndependent
22Queen Elizabeth Grammar Schoolsecondary
23Queen Elizabeth High Schoolsecondary
24Queen Elizabeth Humanities Collegesecondary
25Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Schoolspecial
26Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Schoolspecial
27Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Special Schoolspecial
28Queen Elizabeth Schoolsecondary
29Queen Elizabeth Schoolsecondary
30Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College6th form college
31Queen Elizabeths 1561 Endowed SchoolsecondaryEndowed
32Queen Elizabeths Community Collegesecondary
33Queen Elizabeths Foundation Brain Injury Centrefe college
34Queen Elizabeths Foundation Brain Injury Centrespecial
35Queen Elizabeths Girls Schoolsecondary
36Queen Elizabeths Grammar SchoolsecondaryIndependent
37Queen Elizabeths Grammar Schoolsecondary
38Queen Elizabeths Grammar Schoolsecondary
39Queen Elizabeths Grammar Schoolsecondary
40Queen Elizabeths Grammar Schoolsecondary
41Queen Elizabeths High Schoolsecondary
42Queen Elizabeths HospitalsecondaryIndependent
43Queen Elizabeths Mercian Schoolsecondary
44Queen Elizabeths Schoolsecondary
45Queen Elizabeths Schoolsecondary
46Queen Ethelburgas CollegesecondaryIndependent
47Queen Katherine Schoolsecondary
48Queen Katherine Schoolprimary
49Queen Margaret Primary School and Early Years Centreprimary
50Queen Margarets SchoolsecondaryIndependent

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how to use this page

This page allows you to selectively list school and college details stored in the Oultwood schools database.

If you click on a country name, only schools and colleges from that country will be listed.

If you click on a county/area name, only schools and colleges from that county/area will be listed.

If you click on a school type, only schools and colleges of that type will be listed.

If you click on a particular letter, only schools and colleges with names starting with that letter will be listed.

All the above are additive. This means for example that you can selectively list schools and colleges starting with a specific county/area, then a specific letter and finally with a specified type of school or college.

The best way to start to use the system is to select the county/area you are interested in.

Please note that a maximum of 50 sites will be listed on any one page.

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